Crowning Glory Royal Treatment Hair Heal


HAIR HEALTH KIT (Hot oil & pH-balancing regimen)

3 treatments

Price: R690 (3 treatments=R230 per treatment) 

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A specialised all-natural hot oil treatment regimen designed to promote a moisturised, nourished, pH-balanced scalp (also supports hairline care) and to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles for the growth of stronger, thicker, healthier hair that is less prone to shedding, breakage and split ends.


  • Formulated for use on all hair types in need of tender loving care, especially hair that has been subjected to the stresses and strains of constant styling (heat-styling, twist-outs, braids, etc.) and/or the use of harsh chemical-laden products.

  • Beneficial for use on hair that requires a regular deeply nourishing and moisturising boost.


Free from sulfates, silicones, parabens (or other harmful preservatives), alcohol, mineral oil, triethanolamine, polyethylene or polypropylene glycol (PEG/PPG), artificial fragrances and colourants.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-free (no animal products or byproducts and no animal testing; endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty Foundation). 


Contains the finest safe (toxin-free), natural & organic ingredients, such as Baobab oil, also known as Africa's miracle "Tree of Life", Pumpkin Seed oil, Rosemary oil, and several other key ingredients with amazing properties and synergy in how they are scientifically combined to work together for optimal functioning.

Product info:

The kit contains:  

3x 10 ml Regal Nature Botanicals™ Royal Oil 

1x 100 ml Regal Nature Botanicals™ pH Maintenance Solution (concentrated/to be diluted prior to use)

3x biodegradable shower caps (made from cornstarch)



For external use only. If an adverse reaction occurs, please discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention at your own discretion.

Use with caution during pregnancy, contains rosemary oil (generally considered suitable in this regard as it is used externally and within a non hazardous recommended concentration range, but please only use externally as directed or first consult with your healthcare practitioner) 

Please always follow the package insert directions (including the safety measures and guidelines)​

Please handle the box with care: contains glass bottles

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