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As a proudly South African and passionate earth-loving woman, who's also a qualified scientist (PhD Med), it's very important to me that when I'm researching and formulating a product, that all hair and skin types are taken into account, and that it is eco-friendly (non-toxic, biodegradable and in recyclable/reusable packaging), ethical (sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly and not tested on animals) and effective (actually does as promised).

I've always suffered from allergies and a few years ago I was struggling with oversensitive skin and dry, brittle hair. Stress is a huge factor and what we put into our bodies nutritionally is of course important, but I knew that I had to make better choices regarding the products I was using externally, because it was vital in order to achieve a truly holistic approach to health and wellness. Furthermore, the products we use rinse down the drain. We need to be fully aware of their impact on the environment and use products that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

However, I eventually reached a point where I was frustrated with trying out product after natural product without experiencing any significant improvement, and my allergies were still flaring up! Thus, equipped with my laboratory and project management skills (and a resolute passion for the naturals journey), I rather started investing in experimenting with my own small-batch formulations and testing. After thoroughly enjoying the use of my own products for several months (there is no such thing as a quick fix; the transition from distressed skin and hair to a truly healthy, balanced state, requires dedication and patience), even strangers would stop me on the beach or while shopping and compliment me on my luxurious locks and glowing complexion. After several requests from family and friends too, with different hair and skin types, I provided trial samples for use. Due to the remarkable results and feedback, I decided it would be really good to share this beautiful blessing and I worked towards launching Regal Nature Botanicals™ online (with nationwide courier delivery). A local beauty therapist and skincare guru, the fabulous Belinda Kingsley (founder and owner of JustBe Aesthetics in Cape Town), and her clients also started using my products and loved it so much that she became the very first stockist to sell my products from her salon's shelf!


I am thankful for the love and support from all who have been cheering me on and, thus far, the journey towards making passion meet purpose has been quite an adventure. As Regal Nature Botanicals™ continues to grow online and work towards constantly expanding the product ranges, and being available at more stockist locations that also align with the clean-green-earth ethos, may it continue to shine beyond my wildest dreams. Regal Nature Botanicals™ also strives to advocate body confidence. Be proud of who you are and embrace your natural beauty. We are a rainbow nation and everyone is beautiful in their unique way! Which brings me to the inspiration behind the logo...the majestic Regal Nature Botanicals™ peacock donning a golden crown...

Why the peacock-inspired logo and branding?

The peacock is a symbol of vision, beauty, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness. The peacock is a majestic creature and stands for the integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colours.​ Be an eco-royal. Be proud of who you are AND do so with earth-conscious love and care by supporting Regal Nature Botanicals™. Harness the glorious power of nature and cherish the Kingdom of Earth.

Let natural beauty reign supreme!





*Be an Eco-Royal*

*Support A Proudly Green Local Small Business*


Harness the glorious power of nature and science,

and cherish the Kingdom of Earth...

Let natural beauty reign supreme!


"Highly recommend. I bought the hand sanitizer as I have very sensitive skin and allergies to most store products, so was looking for more natural. It has been the absolute best product, I will definitely be purchasing more. Also like to mention that the customer service is also excellent."

Genevieve James

Practice Manager,

Alpha Physio

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