Q: "Are the Regal Nature Botanicals products vegan and cruelty-free?"

A: 100% vegan and cruelty-free! All of the ingredients used are plant-based and ethically sourced. No animal products or animal byproducts and no animal testing. All of our products are endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty Foundation

Furthermore, you can also rest assured that the ingredients used are premium quality (and organic, or certified organic, where possible), sourced from reputable local suppliers and proudly green small businesses who also uphold very high quality and safety standards. 

Q: "Are the Regal Nature Botanicals products expensive?"

A: When you look at the price of products that are small-batch crafted, natural and organic, they ‘naturally’ (excuse the pun!) tend to be higher-priced than mass-produced, commercial products. It is costly to purchase the premium quality ingredients (from wonderful local suppliers who do not compromise on safety and quality and who also uphold the 'clean-green-earth' ethos) that are used in the making of our products, not to mention the time, effort and cost that goes into the manual packaging. Thus, when you look at the high-end prices of certain ranges, you simply cannot compare it to mass-produced commercial and bulk products at chain stores, and you also gain a whole new perspective and appreciation when you realise how much dedication and passion goes into researching and formulating eco-conscious products that are good for you AND the environment. This is definitely something I have learned during my journey of transitioning to a greener lifestyle and trying to make passion meet purpose with my Regal Nature Botanicals™ brand. Furthermore, when you invest in products that enable you to achieve better health, then it is an overall win and so very worth it. It is a dream come true being able to provide natural health, beauty and personal care solutions that are organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and biodegradable. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, and for helping me to make this dream a reality. What always also comes to mind is one of my favourite "you get what you pay for" sketches (image source: Made by SinkThePink)...


Q: "How long does it take to repair dry, damaged hair?"

A: There's no such thing as a "quick fix". The transition from distressed scalp skin and hair that is used to being bombarded with chemical-laden products that add fake glow or shine and the illusion of good health, to a truly healthy, balanced state, requires dedication and patience. This is also dependent upon external factors (severe damage from excessive styling, stress and not enough wholesome bodily nutrition and hydration etc.); it may take up to 12 weeks (~3 months) to start reaping the benefits when switching to natural regimens, but it may also take up to 6 months for some to notice a significant difference in their hair and skin health. Most importantly, these are natural treatments to aid in promoting scalp health and thus hair growth, but are not guaranteed to treat hair loss caused by permanent hair loss medical disorders or diseases. I can only speak for myself, having repaired and grown my hair, and also the testimonials from customers with different hair and skin types who have also experienced vast improvements and are thus now loyal supporters. But please always consult with your physician or a dermatologist if you suspect that you have a permanent hair loss medical disorder or disease.

Q: "What do people love so much about the Regal Nature Botanicals™ products?"

A: There has been so much excellent feedback thus far, and our mantra of 'Eco-friendly, Ethical & Effective' is indeed spot on.  A whole lot of research and development, and also heart and soul, goes into formulating the Regal Nature Botanicals™ products, so it is always wonderful to receive such praise and validation. The hand sanitisers, for example, have proven to be very popular as they are expertly formulated according to WHO guidelines regarding alcohol type and percentage (which is very important when searching for a truly effective sanitiser), and a huge bonus is that the botanicals that we use pack a powerful punch that aids in soothing and moisturising your skin (prevents cracking and drying out of hands) and it also smells divine! We have received several glowing reviews about how people love that it is not sticky, how even those with sensitive skin do not experience any itching or allergic reactions and about how amazing the scent is!! Just a simple waft draws attention and questions of..."What is that? It smells divine!!". The Crowning Glory Royal Oil Kit (hot oil scalp treatment and pH-balancing hair growth regimen) has also received brilliant reviews. More products are planned for release as the brand continues to grow.