✓ Premium quality & organic plant-based ingredients
✓ Free from sulfates, silicones & parabens
✓ No artificial fragrances or artificial colourants
✓ Ecocert- & COSMOS-approved natural preservatives

✓ Beauty Without Cruelty certified
✓ Small-batch (not mass produced)
✓ Sustainably packaged & recyclable
✓ Proudly made in South Africa

Harness the glorious power of nature and science,
and cherish the Kingdom of Earth.
Let natural beauty reign supreme™!

Rosemary Cosmetics
Hair, Skin & Body Care Products


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Free delivery of online orders ≥R750!

"Highly recommend. I bought the hand sanitizer as I have very sensitive skin and allergies to most store products, so was looking for more natural. It has been the absolute best product, I will definitely be purchasing more. Also like to mention that the customer service is also excellent."

Genevieve James

Practice Manager,

Alpha Physio